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  • Tranquility Mala
  • Tranquility Mala
  • Tranquility Mala
  • Tranquility Mala

Tranquility Mala




Tranquility is the state of being calm. Infused with nurturing, loving, soothing and healing gemstones and beads, the Tranquiltiy Mala helps achieve that state of being - especially when used during meditation.

To intuitively provide a state of calm and deep universal love.


  • Crystal Quartz: Crystal Quartz is the ultimate “anything-stone”, as it radiates all the color vibrations within the spectrum of light and thus can be utilized and programmed for any use which bring light and energy into our spiritual bodies.
  • Amazonite: A calming & nurturing stone. Said to be a stone of self-confidence, self-assuredness, respect and grace. Promotes universal love & truth.
  • Amethyst: Amethyst is a meditative and calming stone which works in the emotional, spiritual, and physical planes to promote calm, balance, and peace. It helps enhance intuition and protects against nightmares. 
  • Sandalwood: Attracts positive energy, its soothing aroma is used to support meditation, spirituality and calms the mind


108 beads at 8mm each. Hangs 39cm long (48cm including tassel). One big thing that sets us apart from most, if not all, other mala beads is that we only create 100% vegan pieces. This means we do not use silk, coral, pearls, shells, or any other type of animal product in the making of our malas. While this means our tassels may not be as buttery soft as others, we stand firmly behind our decision to be animal friendly.

Bracelet Sizing Chart

Our Wrist Malas are made with 8mm gemstone & wood beads.

For best fit, measure your wrist just under the base of your hand, and add half an inch. This ensures a little bit of wiggle room to stack em high, and helps prevent breakage.

Measurements are approximate. If you need a different size, let us know in the notes section of the checkout and we'll make a custom size for you.

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